• You can cancel your subscription only after 4 months, with one month notice.
  • Rejecting our payment requests on your credit crad or bank account, will incuur extra cost. Make sure to leave enough fund on your accout and do not reject our payments requests.
  • A Lash subscription is valid for a refill. The approximate time for a refill is 45 minutes. you need to make sure to timely refill your lashes and keeping a good care of your lashes. The lashes should be in an acceptable conditions
  • It is not possible to buy a subscription at the same date of your appointment. Please buy the subscription at least 1 week in advance.
  • You can not book more than 3 appointments ahead.


Scheduling an appointment

Please make sure to read the confirmation email carefully. The confirmation email contains the information about your appointment; the location, the time, the treatment. For some appointments, the confirmation email contains important imformation such how to prepare for your appointment. It is your responsibility to read the emails carefully and contact us in time in case you have any questions.

For some appointments it is important to agree to certain terms and conditions before booking the appointment. Make sure you read and understand those terms and conditions. Please make sure to call us if you have any questions, before booking your appointment.

Cancellation policy

We highly encourage you to communicate any change in your appointment to us as soon as possible. To keep our agenda organized and our business sustainable we charge a fee for late cancellation. You can cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before your appointment free of charge using the button in your confirmation email or from your account. After than, you can not cancel your appointment and you have to contact us to cancel your appointment. We will charge 50% on your appointment fee for cancelation up to 12 hours of the appointment time, and 100% for cancelation within the 12 hours of the appointment. Avoid no-shows, we charge the full price of the appointment for no-shows.

Ofcourse, we understand the unexpected circumastances could happen and thus the change of an appointment. So, we kindly ask you once again to call and explain the situation and we will deal with your case with at most understanding and felixbility.

Please note that our cancellation policy applies also to rescheduling appointments.

Appointment time

Please try to be on-time at your appointment. When once client is late, all our appoiintments will be late till end of the day.

We do our best to serve you on time as well. But sometimes it is simply impossible to do so; your appointment might be delayed for several reasons such as prvious client being late, previous appointment takes longer than ususal (it can happen for several reasons). so we kindly ask you to dedicate enough time for your appointment. after all, the time you spend at Athena Beauty Care is me times and are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. While you are waiting for your appintment, you can enjoy a cup of -our very tasty- coffe 😉 or cup of tea and read a few pages of one the books in the bookshelve


The common area of our salons are equipted with Camera to ensure safety of our clients and our staff. We reserve the right to check the recordings at any point in time if we feel necessary.
we will do our best to keep you and your belongings safe. Please make sure to take care of your belongnings and keep them secure. We take no responsibility in case lost items.

In Treatment room

Please communicate any concerns or conditions that you have to our beautician. This will assure you will have the best experience thata matchces your needs but also assures the beauticians are aware of your conditions and will take it into account when perofrming the treatments.

After the appointment