Lash Lifting

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Lash Lifting

what is really lash lifting?

Lash lifting is an alternative treatment to Lash extensions.  If you are wondering is it better than lash extensions, the answer is not straight forward. Lash lifting also knows as LVL is the treatment of curling the lashes and thus giving them a fancier look without adding extensions to them. it can be applied to any lashes but the longer your own lashes the better the results. to make the look even fancier and glowing, it is very common to combine the treatment with lash tinting.

Lash lifting will last up to 8 weeks which is a lot longer than lash extensions. It is easier to take care of, as there is no extension and no fear of damaging them.  It is healthier as it doesn’t add glue and extensions to your lashes.


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