How to find the best place to get your eyebrows permanent make up in one simple Step!

Microblading is a skilled technique with which eyebrows are (re)shaped by a permanent makeup artist. When choosing the best artist for your brow it is imperative that you do not book an appointment with a technician, but with a trained professional artist. How do you select the best salon for your treatment? And how can you make sure that you will be happy with the result?

Choosing the best Microblading makeup artist for your brows

Your eyebrows play a key part in defining your face and your look. Too many people booking permanent make up for their eyebrows end up with a new set of eyebrows with a ‘drawn on’ look. Great looking eyebrows are defined by a natural look with a visible eyebrow hairstroke. This type of eyebrow can only be accomplished by a trained beautician with the fine hand of a make up artist. The main reason why an artist in this field will be able to provide you with great looking eyebrows is the fact that the treatment is performed with a very fine and sharp blade, resembling a pen.

Testing your eyebrow beautician


Always make sure to ask your beautician to supply you with a drawing of the design of your new eyebrows. Are they able to draw your new set of brows effectively? Can you actually see the definition of the eyebrows and have they taken the time to draw them marking every individual stroke of hair? If the answer to these questions is yes you can be sure to have found a great beautician who will take the time to shape your eyebrows in a natural fashion and with great detail.


Permanent make up by Athena Beauty Care

Choosing quality over a bargain microblading treatment

Investigating different prices for eyebrow shaping treatments on offer is something that we all do when we are looking for a good salon to define our look. However, your eyebrows play a key part in defining your face and a cheap Microblading treatment can turn out to be a very costly mistake if you end up unhappy with the result. On top of this, the mistake of ending up with unnatural looking brows cannot be rectified or altered. Don’t choose your best beautician based on price or based on bargain offers. You will regret it. Choose an artist beautician who is able to draw portrait style natural-looking eyebrows on paper with natural looking individual hairs, taking the shape of your face and your preferences into account. Her designs are marked by a very natural looking eyebrow hairstroke.

Microblading tool

Remember? The quickest way is to ask the beautician to draw you a set of eyebrow.

Book a non-obligatory free consultation with Athena Beauty Care

Athena beauty CareWhichever salon and beautician you end up choosing to book your Microblading treatment with, you should feel happy and at ease with your choice. Book a free consultation with Athena, a highly skilled beauty artist. During the free appointment she will be able to supply you with a design on paper and on your face, enabling you to assess the difference great looking eyebrows will make. Should you choose not to book the treatment you will at the very least end up with a design that you can compare to one suggested by other salons! We look forward to hearing from you.

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