What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are putting individual lashes on top of the real lashes. There are several types of materials that lashes are made from and the most commonly used is synthetic lashes.Lash extensions one by one is the most natural lash extensions method and is also widely known as classic extensions. Other methods involve putting more than one lash on each lash which makes them look fuller. For instance, in 2D lash extensions the stylist place two lashes on each individual lash. This can go up to 10D. 


Is it possible to get natural lash extensions that doesn’t look to fake?

Natural-looking extensions depend on two factors:

  • How full are the extensions; going up from one by one to Russian volume, it looks less natural. 
  • The quality of the job; A professional stylist can create a more natural look with 3D and 4D than an unprofessional lash stylist with the classic method. There are many details such as the right combination of lengths and thicknesses and how to map them at different parts (the stylists called this lash mapping) that makes a huge difference in the final results. If the stylist has the right skills and knows all the details will able to create fabulous results.

Why the prices are so much different?

This is a tricky but important quesiton. Applying lash extensions is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of focus and patient. The duration of the treatment depends on how skilled the lash stylist is. But at the same time, if she is committed to giving you her best. These are two important factors that define the price. The more professional is the stylist and the more passionate she is about her job, the higher will be the price and vise versa. This is why you shouldn’t go to places that are too cheap. Especially if it is your first time. Prices are a great indication of the professionalism of your lash stylist and if she is there to give you the best of her rather than just doing a job for the pay.

Is it difficult to take care of lash extensions?

Lash extensions are supposed to add not only beauty but also convenience. If you have lash extensions, you don’t need mascara anymore. so You are always ready. But there 3 things to remember before getting your first lash extensions:

  • They should not get wet the first 24 hours or the glue will lose its effects.
  • Do not use any products that contain oils or it will break down the glue and your lashes will fall down. so no Mascara, no eyeliner, and no makeup remover that contains oil.
  • Try not to rub your eyes/lashes with your hand or for instance pushing them into the pillow when sleeping
  • brush them daily and clean them with special foaming cleanser which doesn’t contain oil (available on our webshop and also in both locations in Den Haag).

Are lash extensions harmful?

Eyelash extensions are safe if applied correctly. The certified stylist knows how to use the glue not to harm your lashes and will give you the right tips on how to take care of them. So lash extensions do not make your lashes fall. but this is again another reason to be selective on where to get your lashes done as the wrong application could harm your eyes and lashes.