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How we help you to Become a Lash stylist?

We are as excited as you are to train you to be a Lash stylist. There are several different Lash extension methods and the basis of all is the one by one technique, which you will be learning in this training. one very important thing to remember is, you will need to practice and practice until you are ready to work a lash stylist. We will tell you all about the Lash extensions and the one by one technique in one day. But because we know how important is, we give you the possibility to work in one of our salons as an intern for two weeks where you will be applying for lash extensions on models. This is a great opportunity to practice in a professional environment under the supervision of a master. The best part is, the two weeks training is offered for free. But not everyone is offered this opportunity.

How do I qualify for the two weeks training?

  • Send an email and explain why are you interested to do the training.  
  • We will give you 10 days to practice at home 
  • We will ask you to come back and work on a model 
  • We will then decide if we can offer you the Training

What is the Schedule of the day?

  • A very warm welcome with Coffee and sweets.
  • Theory; you will learn all about the different types of lashes, glues, required tools, the anatomy of eyes and how lashes can affect them, and how to interact with the client.
  • Lunch; we will provide you with a tasty lunch 
  • Practice; we will work together on Models. 
  • You will receive a certificate of completion of the course