What is Henna Brows and what can I expect from a Henna Brows treatment?

What is Henna Brows and what can I expect from a Henna brows treatment?

Henna Brows

Henna brows is a relatively new method to dye eyebrows using natural plant-based ingredients.

Is Henna brows for everyone?

When talking about skin and hair type and color, Henna brows is a great treatment for almost every skin and hair color especially because there are different colors available that can be mixed and create the color that matches the client’s hair color. But because the product is natural, it can cause skin irritation; that is why you need to do an allergy test48 hours before the treatment if it is your first time. If no sign of irritation appears, then it is safe to perform the treatment.

how long does Henna Brows’ effect last?

Henna Brows last longer than normal brows tinting because it stains the skin and hair. The color on the eyebrows lasts up to 6 weeks and on the skin lasts up to two weeks. This varies for different types of skin and hair.

What can I expect from Henna brows?

Henna brows is a great step up from tinting. You have a better texture of color, longer-lasting effect and on top of all, Henna brows products are natural and require no oxidants to activate in comparison with the chemical products that are used for brows tinting.

What are the advantages of Henna brows over brows tinting?

Another big advantage is, the stylist will draw the shape before the treatment and can give a perfect look to the brow. this is not the case for brows tinting, and can only be done by Microblading. That is why Henna Brows is also perfect for those who are interested in Microblading but are not sure about the shape and how they feel after having fuller brows.

So whether you want to do Microblading later or you just want to have perfect brows that don’t need daily makeup, Henna Brows is a perfect treatment. let’s not forget that Henna Brows’ cost is at the same level as brows tinting, considering the long-lasting effect.

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