Things to know before Treatments

What is Henna Brows?

Henna brows is similar to brows Tinting but the effects will last up to 6 weeks which is a lot longer than normal tinting.

Why should you do Henna Brows?

You like to have fuller brows and you normally use brows pencil to fill in your brows or you are betting brows Tinting every now and then. then Henna brows is perfect for you.

Before appointment

Henna brows material could cause skin irritation for some people. To avoid that, we always need to test the product on your skin and let it stay for 48 hours. You can simply make a call and tell us you are coming for Henna test. you don’t need to make an appointment for this. after the test, wait 48hours and If you didn’t feel or see anything unusual on your skin, go ahead and make your appointment.


please don’t wash/moist your brows till 24 hours