We offer three types of Lash treatments in Athena Beauty Care; Lash extensions, Lash Lifting and Lash Tinting. for us,Lash treatments are all about having beautiful and natural looking lashes. We’ve had many clients who never had extensions because they thought it is not natural. They are with us ever since ;).
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We offer a wide range of treatments for Brows which will never leave your brows disappointed. Brows could change your face dramatically, unfortunately many people don’t notice it until they have it done and they see the difference. We are proud to say we are perfectionist when it comes to brows. Perfectionist in doing a “simple” brows shaping to an advanced treatment like Microblading.
Working on brows requires a lot more skills and attention to details than many other treatments; every details matters. From the anatomy of your face, to every stroke that we draw or we pull out, we’ve thought it through. Start with our brows shaping and see for yourself why we are proud.

Lash Lifting

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is not just a tattoo; Microblading is a revolution in brows PMU. It lights up so many faces and put smile on faces that have lost their eyebrows due to any reason. Look in the mirror and if you feel your eyebrows are not what you want, make a free intake appointment and see if it can give you what you have in your mind. We offer 3 types of permanent makeup treatments. Microblading eyebrows is the most popular
followed by eyeliner, lip liner and full lips. click more to know more about each treatment.



If you are looking to freshen up your skin, here is your part. whether it is a normal facial with mask and massage or removing wrinkles or even lifting your eyelids without surgery, we have you covered with different treatments. Check out the facial page and find out what is exactly each treatment about.

Lash Lifting


Massages are about a great experience. It is about having an authentic moment in a place that is designed to give you a unique experience, a place that free your mind from the daily thoughts and concerns. Of course the skillful hands of the passionate masseurs are the first requirement to give you the best massage experience. Click on below button to know more about the different types of massages we are offering.


We do facial epilation with thread mostly but we could also do it with pincet on your request.