Our Vision

We believe every woman has her natural beauty. With all of our treatments, we aim to make you look like the most gorgeous you can be. You will never walk out of our salon feeling like a completely different person. Instead, we make you feel like the best version of yourself. To do this, we make sure our treatments have a natural effect. By just making a few small adjustments, we can enhance your natural beauty. For example, we can tint and lift your eyelashes without making them look too flashy, make birthmarks or scars less noticeable, or touch up your eyebrows with Henna brows or Microblading to give them the perfect shape they deserve.

Our value

We set ourselves apart by working in a unique way. We give each customer a unique experience by focusing on quality, innovation, and a personal connection with our clients.


Quality is more than just the treatment or the products that we use; It’s an attitude. You experience quality from the moment you enter the salon. It is the coffee that you drink, the atmospheric music in the background, and most importantly, us listening and understanding your needs and wishes. To us, every detail counts.


We stay up to date on the latest innovations in the world of beauty and wellness. This way, we can always find the techniques and treatments that are most suitable for you. Whether you are looking for a quick grooming of your eyebrows or a more advanced technique like microblading or microneedling, we’ve got you covered.


We love to make a connection with people from different backgrounds, ages, cultures, and wishes. Regardless of age or occupation, all women are welcome and have one thing in common: They are here because they care about showing their natural beauty. Once you walk into Athena Beauty Care you are part of our fast-growing community. We value our regular customers’ trust and loyalty. To show our appreciation, we offer regular promotions and loyalty programs.