Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading offer – You don’t want to miss it!

Microblading eyebrows 

Are you looking for a place for eyebrows Microblading in Den Haag? Then you should read what I’m about to write.

Getting your eyebrows Microblading done is not an easy job! there are many questions to be answered like:  Does it really work for me? How will it look like? Where should I go for the Microblading? How do I know if they are good in Microblading? I heard it doesn’t stay long and after all these questions, you need to think about the price! Microblading is not cheap but you don’t want to go to a place that offer a low price and deliver a low quality! It is your eyebrows! so how to really choose where to go? that you pay a fair amount for the quality you are looking for?

We have previously published a post in which we gave you a simple tip on how test your Microblading artistIt worth a look if you are thinking about doing Microblading. it’s free and simple ;). but this post is not about how to find a good place for Microblading.  I’m trying to solve another problem which is the PRICE!

Good news on for those of you were thinking about doing eyebrows Microblading !

We admit it. Microblading is expensive!  Microblading is an expensive treatment in compare with the old fashion eyebrows tattoo. but think about it. The fact that money solve the problem is a good news. You can pay and you get a set of beautiful  natural eyebrows.

We are offering a temporary crazy low price for those of you who are passionate about your eyebrows or your beloved ones.  If you have good eyebrows take a good care of them but if you lost part of your eyebrows or you have less hairs, you don’t have to live with it. Eyebrows Microblading can transform your face by returning your beautiful eyebrows.

But WHY? Why are we offering such a low price?

Two years ago we started in a new location in Den haag with lash extensions and lash lifting, focusing on delivering natural look and extra care to our clients wishes. Today we are well-known in the area for Natural lash extensions, lash lifting and perfect eyebrows job. So we thought, we should do the same with eyebrows Microblading and giving the opportunity to those who are thriving a good quality Microblading but are not sure where to go for it!


The offer is limited in time and numbers.  If you are considering it, book an appointment before it ends.

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