Microneedling a refreshment for your skin!

What is Microneedling?

If I want to put it in a few words, Microneedling is a trigger for your skin’s collagens.  If you would like to know more about Microneedling and what are the advantages please check out this Page in which we’ve explained 7 benefits of Microneedling.

Before you decide to make an appointment for Microneedling, it is good to know that Microneedling results are not as dramatic as Botox or Skin lifting surgery. Botox and surgery deliver overnight dramatic changes but are not natural treatments. They have definitely their own negative side effects and potential risks to your skin health whereas Microneedling has Zero side effects. but it takes times to see the effects.  Although after 1 session you will experience skin tightness, freshness, and pealing you would need to take at least 3 to 5 sessions to see the desired results.

Are you ready to treat your skin with a fully natural treatment but you still doubt about the results?

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Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading offer – You don’t want to miss it!

Microblading eyebrows 

Are you looking for a place for eyebrows Microblading in Den Haag? Then you should read what I’m about to write.

Getting your eyebrows Microblading done is not an easy job! there are many questions to be answered like:  Does it really work for me? How will it look like? Where should I go for the Microblading? How do I know if they are good in Microblading? I heard it doesn’t stay long and after all these questions, you need to think about the price! Microblading is not cheap but you don’t want to go to a place that offer a low price and deliver a low quality! It is your eyebrows! so how to really choose where to go? that you pay a fair amount for the quality you are looking for?

We have previously published a post in which we gave you a simple tip on how test your Microblading artistIt worth a look if you are thinking about doing Microblading. it’s free and simple ;). but this post is not about how to find a good place for Microblading.  I’m trying to solve another problem which is the PRICE!

Good news on for those of you were thinking about doing eyebrows Microblading !

We admit it. Microblading is expensive!  Microblading is an expensive treatment in compare with the old fashion eyebrows tattoo. but think about it. The fact that money solve the problem is a good news. You can pay and you get a set of beautiful  natural eyebrows.

We are offering a temporary crazy low price for those of you who are passionate about your eyebrows or your beloved ones.  If you have good eyebrows take a good care of them but if you lost part of your eyebrows or you have less hairs, you don’t have to live with it. Eyebrows Microblading can transform your face by returning your beautiful eyebrows.

But WHY? Why are we offering such a low price?

Two years ago we started in a new location in Den haag with lash extensions and lash lifting, focusing on delivering natural look and extra care to our clients wishes. Today we are well-known in the area for Natural lash extensions, lash lifting and perfect eyebrows job. So we thought, we should do the same with eyebrows Microblading and giving the opportunity to those who are thriving a good quality Microblading but are not sure where to go for it!


The offer is limited in time and numbers.  If you are considering it, book an appointment before it ends.

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How to find the best place to get your eyebrows permanent make up in one simple Step!


  • Microblading is truly an art, not just a process. This makes microblading special and different than other methods of eyebrow PMU. Microblading is done by making fine cuts using a special blade. Therefore, the methods involve machine are not Microblading and the results are not as natural as Microblading.

Micrbolading by Athena Beauty Care

  • What is the difference? The shape of the machine, the vibration of the machine during the treatment and the way the needles operate in your skin doesn’t allow the artist to mimic the hairs as precise as in Microblading. Microblading tool is very similar to a pen and this allows the artist to do a perfect job in drawing eyebrow hairs. 

Microblading toolSo Your goal should be to find a permanent make up artist, not just a technician.

Your results will be only as good as the artist you choose. You want to find someone who has a good balance with artistic ability as well as professional hands on experience. having a lot of experience without artstic abilities doesn’t end to the best result. So make sure you ask if the artist is capable of giving you the look you want. The quickest way to qualify a technician or artist is to ask them to draw you a set of brows. If they are not natural hair like strokes that look like what you would see in a drawn portrait or picture, then find someone else who can draw beautiful brows on paper for you.

  • You’ve probably seen wide range of prices in the market. Focusing on price more likely mislead you in choosing the right place. You should NEVER shop for price in this matter. This is your precious face and a bargain price isn’t a bargain if the end result is less than beautiful. so focus on the quality. There are many technicians who have inadequate training and more importantly, limited if any artistic experience and ability. Microblading is not simply a technic that you can learn by a training program. The beautician has to to be an artist. Drawing an eyebrow with blade is just like drawing a portrait on paper. If she can not draw it with pen how can she make those fine cuts with blade?
  • So how can we help you?

Remember? The quickest way is to ask the beautician to draw you a set of eyebrow.

Athena Beauty care

Come for a free and without any obligation appointment in which we draw your eyebrow on your face and paper; You can then decide to come for the treatment or simply walk home without any obligation. Even if you don’t get your eyebrow done, you can use it as a benchmark and compare it with other artist work and make the right choice. 

Athena has been painting and drawing portraits since she was 15 years old. So you can have easy mind that she knows how to draw a well shaped eyebrows that fits your face. 

How Beauty increase Happiness?

 Personal beauty raises happiness

The most common explanation for the connection between happiness and beauty is based on economics. In one study, a Yale professor of economics found that being beautiful adds to one’s overall life happiness, and beautiful participants were ranked above the average. The reason for this, is that prettier people tend to make more money, and it is this financial leg up that affords beautiful people great happiness.

From an evolutionary standpoint, beauty can make us happy because attractiveness implies health, which in turn implies strong reproductive capabilities, which allows us to attract more successful mates.

Beauty often starts with something small! For instance a real smile makes us more beautiful. a small beauty treatment such as having a well shaped and neat eyebrows makes our face more beautiful.

  • Happiness doesn’t age.

Some may grow old and regret the years gone by. Happy people don’t seem to age as much because that youthful glow of possibility is still there. the same applies for beauty. Thanks to beauty specialists, you can postpone aging signs by using variety of beauty treatments.

  • When you’re happier, you’re healthier.

Studies show that people who are happy are more likely to be and stay healthy their entire lives. They have energy from all that happiness, so they’re more likely to be active, to eat things that are good for them, and to generally enjoy life because of it.

So they infer that good-looking results in high self-confidence and can earn more opportunities for job, income, or spouse.

studies measure the impact of individuals’ looks on their life satisfaction or happiness in U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Germany. The results show that:

1. Personal beauty raises happiness.

2. The majority of this positive effect comes about because personal beauty improves economic outcomes – incomes, marriage prospects, and others – that increase happiness. Thus much of the positive effect of beauty on happiness is indirect – through its effects on aspects of economic life that increase happiness.

People are often drawn to the attractive people around and the “pretty people” tend to have greater influence overall.

So, what can you do to turn it around?

 Finding things that will make you happy in life;

  • Play up your positives — you may not be the most beautiful, but you have your own specific beauty, the personality, musical abilities …
  • Find acceptance within yourself and who you are. This can help build happiness in the long term as well.
    • Pay attention to your personal beauty. Sometimes doing a small treatment like Eyelash extensions can tremendously change your eyes look, increase your self confident as well as the first impression of people you meet. 
  • Don’t you feel confident with shape of your eyebrows or do you have a scare on your face? Thanks to beauty specialists, there are variety of treatments that can help you to earn your beauty back; Such as Microneedling, Microblading, Phi-Ion

Although some of the cosmetic or clothing changes cannot make you feel better in the long term, addressing some of things that can make you happier are good things. These things will also boost your endorphins and your mood.

  • Happiness Surround yourself with happy people. They will rub off on you.
  • Be in the moment … Enjoy the now.

It seems as if women’s voices are joining together and being heard: We want to feel and look attractive, but there isn’t just one way to do that. We want to look like ourselves, not someone else.




7 benefits of Microneedling


micro needling at Athena beauty care

Collagen is arguably the most vital way to improve the look of skin, and this goes far beyond reducing wrinkles. By stimulating collagen growth with microneedling, you can also reverse sun damage and discoloration. A 2015 study showed microneedling to be a promising treatment for the blotchy, brownish facial pigmentation that comes with this chronic condition.  International Journal of Dermatology confirms that microneedling is a new way to achieve “skin rejuvenation, tightening, and scar remodeling, and that it offers a simple and effective treatment for aged skin with minimal side effects.


These are the 8 benefits of microneedling:


1- Makes you look younger by reducing fine lines and wrinkles

This might be the single best and more important benefit of microneedling… That it can actually help you LOOK younger and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

​How does microneedling make you look younger?

It has been shown that the small pin holes created by the thousands of needles​ break into the upper levels of the dermis and cause the release of growth factors to “repair” and “heal” from the microdamage that has been caused.  Basically your body is overreacting to the small trauma thinking that there is a BIGGER trauma and this healing process results in the release of growth factors that increase collagen and elastin levels.

​In addition to the stimulation of collagen the microtrauma also results in the formulation of tons of little blood vessels which supply blood, oxygen and nutrients straight into the dermis. The combination of these changes results in a reduction in wrinkles, healing of photodamage and tightening of existing skin – all of which makes you LOOK younger.

2- On top of microneedling’s ability to smooth and correct damaged skin, it also has the added bonus of tightening loose skin, which makes it great for older men and women.

3-  it improves product absorption tremendously

Did you know that only 4 to 8 percent of that expensive serum you’re using on your face actually penetrates your skin? One of microneedling additional appeals is that it improves product absorption tremendously. Studies confirm that the treatment can actually help topical medications penetrate skin more efficiently, allowing you to reap the full benefits of any product. This makes total sense considering the fact that microneedling creates thousands of invisible holes in your skin that are ready to absorb products in a way clogged pores can’t.

4- Improves the quality and texture of your skin

The pinprick needles actually stimulate remodeling of existing collagen and promote formation of new collagen and revascularization (blood vessels) in the skin.

Collagen and elastin are the two components of your skin that give your skin the normal “plump” look every woman wants. And starting at around age 30 this collagen starts to degrade naturally (other things can even make the degradation happen more quickly as well), which is when women start to notice slight changes and sagging in their skin.

The good news is that this healing process starts almost IMMEDIATELY after the procedure.

5- Reduces pock marks and scarring

Another huge benefit is that microneedling helps reduce acne scars which are notoriously difficult to treat​. 

So how does microneedling help with scarring?

When you have any sort of scarring on your face (or anywhere on your body) your body naturally undergoes a process known as fibrosis. This is good when healing, because it makes everything stick together, but beneath the skin the glue is so strong that it can literally pull the skin down and create pock marks or scarring on the surface of the skin.

The microneedling procedure helps to “break up” all of the glue and fibrosis underneath the skin which allows the skin to “let go” of the tenting and release the surface of the skin. Naturally this results in a more smooth surface to your skin.

6- Reduces blackheads

This is another pretty cool side effect of microneedling and is especially helpful for women who suffer from LOTS of black heads (especially those who have PCOS, or hormonal acne). 

 The controlled trauma and thousands of needle pokes actually liberate and knock out blackheads during the entire procedure. 

Immediately after you will notice a reduction in the total volume of blackheads on your face (especially in your nose, but be careful because the nose is sensitive!).

You will also notice that your pores are smaller in size for about 3-4 weeks after the procedure due to the healing effects and revascularization that occurs.

7- Treats acne and cystic acne

Not only does microneedling ​help treat acne scars, but it can also help treat and stop acne. 

How exactly it helps acne is not well understood but it seems to be due to the fact that microneedling results in a reduction in sebum production and makes the skin less oily. Reducing oil production on the skin and reducing blackheads likely plays a role as well…​

Either way, studies have shown that microneedling does indeed help treat acne. This is mostly helpful because it means you can still get the treatment done if you are having active breakouts.

8- Exfoliates the skin 

​Pretty much any treatment that mechanically disrupts the epidermis will result in some exfoliation. 

Exfoliation refers to removing the upper surface of the epidermis, usually the stratum corneum (which is the upper most skin layer). This is important because your dead skin cells live on this layer and removing this layer of the epidermis makes your skin look fresh and smooth almost instantly.

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